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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Post doctoral research fellow in marine molecular ecology

A postdoc position (2 years) is available at the Laboratory of Microbial Oceanography, Observatoire Océanologique of Banyuls sur mer (France).

Field of work

We study the mechanisms which regulates the seasonality of phytoplanktonic blooms in temperate areas of the ocean using a gene to ecosystem approach combining (1) long term monitoring of microbial diversity in the Banyuls Bay using metabarcoding approaches, (2) studying ecological and trophic interactions between microorganisms, (3) testing hypothesis using microcosms on isolated strains and natural communities.  We recently demonstrated a strong seasonality of dominant photosynthetic picoeukaryotes, bacteria and archea in the bay of Banyuls (Lambert et al., ISME J 2018) as well as the trophic exchanges between a photosynthetic picoeukaryote and bacteria (Paerl et al., ISME J 2017).  In the past years we have acquired a large number of metabarcode dataset in the field (3 years high resolution time serie), and in microcosms (testing light, temperature and small molecules effect on microbial communities).  

The postdoc will exploit a large dataset of existing metabarcodes and use novel environmental DNA samples (e.g  samples  from an offshore site sampled at different depth) to assess the importance of  abiotic factors (light/temperature) and biotic interactions (trophic through metabolite exchange or predation) as well as the importance of coupling between open ocean and coastal waters in the regulation of seasonality of  dominant photosynthetic picoeukaryotes  in the  Banyuls Bay.    

The candidate should hold a phD or have a post-doc experience in molecular ecology of microorganisms (eukaryotes and/or prokaryotes) from Metabarcodes processing to statistical analysis (such as Co-occurrence Networks, Heatmap, PCA…).   Knowledge of the statistics software package R well as verbal and written communication skills in english are a prerequisite.

To apply, please send a short motivation letter (no more than one page), a complete CV with research experience and interest and two letters of references in a single PDF-file to François-Yves Bouget (fy.bouget @





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