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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Research projects Theme 1

Ongoing projects

  • PHOTO-PHYTO - Effect of global warming on marine phytoplankton bloom timing: photoperiodism, composition, and adaptation (PI F.-Y. Bouget) - ANR Défi Gestion sobre des ressources et adaptation au changement [2015-2019]
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Fundation. Towards stable genetic transformation of picoeukaryotes (PI F-Y Bouget).  [2017-2018]
  • CINAMMON. Cross-scale analysis of adaptation to iron depletion in a key phytoplanktonic organism, in the context of global change (PI L Garczarek). ANR  ANR Défi Gestion sobre des ressources et adaptation au changement [2017-2021].
  • European project  H2020  « ASSEMBLE +»  Genetic resources in picoeukaryotes. (PI B Kloareg). [2017-2022]

Past projects

  • Gordon and Betty Moore Fundation. Development of genetic transformation in phytoplanktonic picoeukaryotes (PI F-Y Bouget).  [2016-2017]
  • PHYTO-IRON  Mechanisms of iron assimilation in marine microalgae (PI E Lessuisse). Blanc SVES7 [2011-2015]
  • EMBRC France. Genetic resources in Ostreococcus and Photobacterium  2012-2017: Plan Investissement d’Avenir EMBRC France. (WP PI FY Bouget). [2017-2017]
  • European project FP7t  « ASSEMBLE »  Genetic resources in Ostreococcus tauri. (WP PI FY Bouget). [2009-2013]
  • AMONITE - Ammonium and nitrite oxydation coupling in the euphotic zone (PI C. Fernandez) -LEFE-CYBER [2011-2012]
  • BACCIO – A Biomolecular Approach for the Cycling of Carbon and Iron in the Ocean, (PI S. Blain, LOMIC) - ANR Blanc [2009-2011]
  • Light inhibition of nitrification in the euphotic zone: testing a long lasting paradigm in an upwelling ecosystem (PI C. Fernandez et V. Molina, Univ Conception, Chile) - FONDECYT [2010-2012]
  • MAMBA – Marine metagenomics for new biotechnological applications. Collaborative Project European Union FP7. (PI P. Golyshin, UK) - FTP7 [2009-2012]
  • PHYTADAPT - Adaptation of phytoplankton (PI Hervé Moreau, BIOM)  - ANR Blanc [2009-2011
  • POPPY-MED - Phylogenetic response of prokaryotes to organic and inorganic phosphorous sources and predator recycling in the NW Mediterranean (PI I. Salter, LOMIC) -  LEFE-CYBER [2010-2011]
  • SPECIMED - Structures of Planktonic Ecosystems in the North-western Mediterranean (P.I. Bernard Quéguiner, MOI) - LEFE-CYBER  [2011-2013]
  • Sensitivity of nitrogen regeneration to oxygen and trace metal availability in two naturally iron fertilized marine systems. (PI L. Farias Univ Conception, Chile et S. Blain/C. Fernandez) – ECOS-CONICYT [2009-2012]


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Our latest publications

Brodie J., Ball S.G., Bouget F-Y., Chan C.X., De Clerck O., Cock M., Gachon C., Grossman A.R., Mock T., Raven J., Saha M., Smith A., Vardi A., Yoon H.S., Bhattacharya D. (2017) Biotic interactions as drivers of algal origin and evolution. Nature Microbiology New Phytologist DOI: 10.1111/nph.14760

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Key words

Ecophysiology, microbial models, genetic, environmental forcings, iron, phosphate, nitrogen, light, photoperiod