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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Reconnaissance pour Ingrid Obernosterer

 Le comité éditorial de la revue Limnology and Oceanography a désigné dans son bulletin Volume 20(4) December 2011, Ingrid Obernosterer comme "outstanding reviewer" . Ceci récompense la qualité du travail d'arbitre effectué pour cette revue .

OUTSTANDING L&O REVIEWERS  Peer review is a crucial component of modern science. The fact that L&O is able to utilize the services of the best scientists as reviewers allows it to be a leading journal in the aquatic sciences. However, these individuals seldom get the recognition they deserve for this selfless work. Therefore, each issue of the Bulletin will cite outstanding reviewers that Everett Fee, L&O Editor, feels deserve special recognition for their overall reviewing
efforts. The ASLO membership extends its sincerest appreciation and thanks these two outstanding scientist(s).

Stephane Blain - 10/03/16

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    Communautés microbienne marines, diversité microbienne, respiration microbienne, matière organique dissoute, priming effect, biodégradation, photodégradation