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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Publications 2011

59 publications

  1. Auger P. A, Diaz F, Ulses C, Estournel C, Neveux J, Joux F, Pujo-Pay M, Naudin J-JFunctioning of the planktonic ecosystem of the Rhone River plume (NW Mediterranean) during spring and its impact on the carbon export: a field data and 3-D modelling combined approach. Biogeosciences 8:3231-3261 (IF : 3.246)
  2. Aggarwal RK, Allainguillaume J, Bajay MM, … Medlin L, et al. Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 August 2010-30 September 2010. Molecular Ecology Resources 11:219-222 (IF : 1.631)
  3. Baudart J, Robyns A, Peuchet S, Drocourt J L, Lebaron P Sensitive counting of viable Enterobacteriaceae in seawaters and relationship with fecal indicators. Journal of Microbiological Methods 84:482-485 (IF : 2.018)
  4. Berdjeb L, Ghiglione JF, Domaizon I, Jacquet S. A two-year assessment of the main environmental factors driving the free-living bacterial community structure in Lake Bourget (France). Microb Ecol (IF 2.89), doi 10.1007/s00248-010-9767-6
  5. Berdjeb L, Ghiglione JF, Jacquet S Bottom-up versus top-down control of hypo- and epilimnion free-living bacterial community structure in two neighbouring freshwater lakes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77:3591–3599 (IF : 3.69)
  6. Bertoni R, Jeffrey WH, Conan P, Pujo-Pay M, Oriol L, Joux F Influence of water mixing on the inhibitory effect of UV radiation on primary and bacterial production in Mediterranean coastal water. Aquatic Sciences 73:1-11 (IF : 2.045)
  7. Bouget FY Study the Circadian clock at the time of Ostreococcus. Biofutur, p. 27
  8. Christaki U, Courties C, Massana R, Catala P, Lebaron P, Gasol J M, Zubkov M V Optimized routine flow cytometric enumeration of heterotrophic flagellates using SYBR Green I.  Limnology and Oceanography Methods, 9:329-339
  9. Christaki U, Van Wambeke F, Lefevre D, Lagaria A, Prieur L, Pujo-Pay M,  Grattepanche J-D, Colombet J, Psarra S, Dolan JR, Sime-Ngando T,C onan P, Weinbauer MG, Moutin T Microbial food webs and metabolic state across oligotrophic waters of the Mediterranean Sea during summer. Biogeosciences 8:1839-1852 (IF : 3.25)
  10. Crombet Y, Leblanc K, Quéguiner B, Moutin T, Rimmelin P, Ras J,  Claustre H, Leblond N, Oriol L, Pujo-Pay M Deep silicon maxima in the stratified oligotrophic Mediterranean Sea. Biogeosciences 8:459-475 (IF : 3.25)
  11. Diercks S, Metfies K, Jäckel S, Medlin LK Development and optimisation of a semi-automated rRNA biosensor for the detection of toxic algae. Harmful Algae 10(4):395-401 (IF : 4.280)
  12. Djouani-Tahri el B, Christie J C, Sanchez-Ferandin S, Sanchez F, Bouget  FY, Corellou F A eukaryotic LOV-histidine kinase regulates circadian clock function in the picoalga Ostreococcus. Plant Journal 65:578-588 (IF:7.34)
  13. Durrieu de Madron X, ..., Conan P, … Ghiglione J-F, … Joux F, … Pujo-Pay M et al. Marine ecosystems’ responses to climatic and anthropogenic forcings in the Mediterranean by ’The MERMEX Group’. Progress in Oceanography. 91:97-166 (IF : 3.582)
  14. Edvardsen B, Eikrem W, Throndsen J, Saez A. Probert I, Medlin LK Ribosomal DNA phylogenies and a morphological revision set the basis for a new taxonomy of the Prymnesiales (Haptophyta). Eur. J. Phycol. (in press) (IF : 1.901)
  15. Eikrem W, Edvardsen B, Saez A, Medlin LK Revision of the haptophyte family Prymnesiaceae, with a resurrection of the genus Chrysocampanula and three new genera. European Journal of Phycology, 2
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  17. Fontes MLS, Suzuki MT, Cottrell MT, Abreu PC Primary production in a subtropical stratified coastal lagoon-contribution of anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria. Microbial Ecology 61:223-237 (IF : 2.89)
  18. Gaebler-Schwarz S, B Beszteri, JS Gindulis, F Hinz, E-M Nöthig, C Wesche, GO Kirst, Medlin LK Responses of Different Antarctic Genotypes of Phaeocystis antarctica to three salinities: Evidence for Ecosystem Resilience. Marine Ecology Progress Series (in press) (IF : 2.519)
  19. Galand PE, Bourrain M, De Maistre E, Catala P, Desdevises Y, Elifantz H, Kirchman DL, Lebaron P Phylogenetic and functional diversity of Bacteria and Archaea in a unique stratified lagoon, the Clipperton atoll (N Pacific) FEMS Microb. Ecol. (in press) (IF : 3.598)
  20. Jouandet M, Trull T, Guidi L, Picheral M, Ebersbach F, Stemmann L, Blain S Optical imaging of mesopelagic particles indicates deep carbon flux beneath a natural iron fertilized bloom in the Southern Ocean. Limnol. Oceanogr. 56:1130-1140 (IF : 3.545)
  21. Jouandet MP, Blain S, Metzl N, Mongin M Interannual variability of net community production and air-sea CO2 flux in a naturally iron fertilized region of the Southern Ocean (Kerguelen plateau). Antarctic Science doi:10.1017/S0954102011000411 (IF : 1.328)
  22. Joux F, Bertrand JC, De Wit R, Grossi V, Intertaglia L, Lebaron P, Michotey V, Normand P, Peyret P, Raimbault P, Tamburini C, Urios L Méthodes d'études des micro-organismes dans l'environnement. In: Ecologie microbienne. J.-C. Bertrand, P. Caumette, P. Lebaron, P. Normand (eds). Presses Universitaires de Pau (in press)
  23. Lagaria A, Psarra S, Lefèvre D, Van Wambeke F, Pujo-Pay M, Oriol L, Tanaka T, Christaki U The effects of nutrient additions on particulate and dissolved primary production and metabolic state in surface waters of three Mediterranean eddies. Biogeosciences, 8:2595-2607
  24. Laghdass M, Blain S, Besseling M,  Catala P, Guieu C,  Obernosterer I  Effect of Saharan dust on the microbial community during a large clean mesocosm experiment in the NW Mediterranean Sea. Aquat. Microb. Ecol. 62:201-213 (IF: 2.555)
  25. Laghdass M, Catala P, Caparros J, Oriol L, Lebaron P, Obernosterer I High contribution of SAR11 to microbial activity in the North West Mediterranean Sea. Microb. Ecol. DOI 10.1007/s00248-011-9915-7 (IF 2.89)
  26. Lamy D, De Carvalho-Maalouf P, Cottrell MT, Lami R, Catala P, Oriol L, Caparros J, Ras J, Kirchman DL, Lebaron P Seasonal dynamics of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon. Aquat. Microb. Ecol. 62:153-163 (IF : 2.555)
  27. Lamy D, Jeanthon C, Cottrell MT, Kirchman DL, Van Wambeke F, Ras J,  Dahan O, Pujo-Pay M, Oriol L, Bariat L, Catala P, Cornet-Barthaux V,  Lebaron P Ecology of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria along an oligotrophic gradient in the Mediterranean Sea. Biogeosciences 8:973-985 (IF : 3.25)
  28. Manes CL, Barbe C, West NJ, Rapenne S, Lebaron P Impact of seawater-quality and water treatment procedures on the active bacterial assemblages at two desalination sites. Environmental Science & Technology 45:5943-5951 (IF : 4.63)
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  30. Medlin LK A review of the evolution of the diatoms from the origin of the lineage to their populations., p. in press. In J. Seckbach and P. Kociolek (ed.), The Diatom World CRC Press, Boca Raton.
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  39. Ortega-RetuertaE, Jeffrey WH, Ghiglione J-F, Joux F Evidence of heterotrophic prokaryotic activity limitation by nitrogen in the Western Arctic Ocean during summer. Polar Biology (in press) (IF : 1.691)
  40. Ory P, Hartmann HJ, Jude F, Dupuy C, Del Amo Y,  Catala P, Mornet F,  Huet V, Jan B, Vincent D, Sautour B, Montanié H Pelagic food web patterns: do they modulate virus and nanoflagellate effects on picoplankton during the phytoplankton spring bloom? Environ. Microbiol. (IF : 4.909) (in press)
  41. Parthuisot N, Binet M, Touron-Bodilis A, Pougnard C, Lebaron P, Baudart J Total and viable Legionella pneumophila cells in hot and natural waters as measured by immunofluorescence-based assays and solid-phase cytometry. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 77:6225-6232 (IF: 3.778)
  42. Pérez-Aragon M, Fernandez C, Escribano R Nitrogen excretion by mesozooplankton in a coastal upwelling area: seasonal trend and implications for biological production. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology Doi: 10.1016/j.jembe.2011.05.029 (IF : 1.910)
  44. Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Oriol L, Cornet-Barthaux V, Falco C, Ghiglione JF, Goyet C, Moutin T, Prieur L Integrated survey of elemental stoichiometry (C, N, P) from the western to eastern Mediterranean Sea. Biogeosciences 8:883-899 (IF : 3.25)
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  59. Yao DH, Buchan A, Suzuki MT In situ activity of NAC11-7 Roseobacters in coastal waters off the Chesapeake Bay based on ftsZ expression. Environmental Microbiology 13:1032-1041 (IF : 1.691)



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