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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Publications 2013

17 publications

  1. Blain S., Sophie R., Xiaogang X., Claustre H. and Guinet C. (2013) Instrumented elephant seals reveal the seasonality in chlorophyll and light-mixing regime in the iron-fertilized Southern Ocean. Geophysical Research Letter, vol. 40, 6368-6372.
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  3. Farias, L., Faundez J., Fernandez, C., M., Cornejo., S. Sanhueza., C. Carrasco (2013) Biological N2O fixation in the eastern South Pacific ocean. PLOS One 5, e63956.
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  5. Giovagnetti,V., C. Brunet, F. Conversano, F. Tramontano, I. Obernosterer, C. Ridame, and C. Guieu (2013). Assessing the role of dust deposition on phytoplankton ecophysiology and succession in a low-nutrient low-chlorophyll ecosystem: a mesocosm experiment in the Mediterranean Sea. Biogeosciences 10, 2973-2991
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  7. Hugoni M., N. Taib, Didier Debroas, I. Domaizon, I. J. Dufournel, G. Bronner, I. Salter, H. Agogué, I. Mary, and P.E. Galand (2013) Structure of the rare archaeal biosphere and seasonal dynamics of active ecotypes in surface coastal waters. PNAS 110:6004-6009.
  8. Landa, M., M. Cottrell, D. Kirchman, S. Blain, I. Obernosterer (2013). Changes in bacterial diversity in response to dissolved organic matter supply in a continuous culture experiment. Aquat Microb Ecol. 69:157-168.
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  11. Matallana-Surget S., Cavicchioli R., Fauconnier C., Wattiez R., Leroy B., Joux F., Raftery M., Lebaron P. (2013) Dinitrophenylhydrazide redox proteomics: A new approach to identifying carbonylated proteins as biomarkers of UVB stress. PLoSOne 8(7):e68112
  12. Ortega-Retuerta E., Joux F., Jeffrey W.H., Ghiglione J-F. (2013) Spatial variability of particle-attached and free-living bacterial diversity in surface water from the Mackenzie River to the Beaufort Sea (Canadian Arctic). Biogeosciences 10:2747–2759
  13. Paisse S, Ghiglione JF, Marty F, Abbas B, Gueuné H, Amaya JMS, Muyzer G and Quillet L (2013) Sulfate-reducing bacteria inhabiting natural corrosion deposits from marine steel structures. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97:7493-504
  14. Rodriguez-Blanco A, Duval A, Pelletier E, Delille D, Ghiglione JF (2013) Effects of temperature and fertilization on the structure of total vs. active bacterial communities from sub-Antarctic seawater exposed to crude oil and diesel fuel. Polar Research 32:18521-18531
  15. Sanchez-Ferandin S., Leroy F., Bouget F-Y., Joux F. (2013) A new, sensitive marine microalgal recombinant biosensor using luminescence monitoring for toxicity testing of antifouling biocides. Applied Environmental Microbiology 79:631-638
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  17. Touratier, F., Guglielmi, V., Goyet, C., Prieur, L., Pujo-Pay, M., Conan, P., and Falco, C.: Distributions of the carbonate system properties, anthropogenic CO2, and acidification during the 2008 BOUM cruise (Mediterranean Sea), Biogeosciences Discuss., 9, 2709–2753

Chapitres d'ouvrage :

Blain S. (2013) Géoingéniérie de l’océan. In : Développement durable à découvert. Ouvrage collectif CNRS Editions, Paris, 364 p. ISBN : 978-2-271-07896-4

Sauret C, Ghiglione JF (2013) Monitoring of oil-degrading bacteria by stable isotope probing. In Encyclopedia of Aquatic Ecotoxicology (Férard, J.F. and Blaise, C., editors). Springer Publishers, Inc pp 751-766.


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