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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Publications 2015

38 publications

  1. Alcamán M.E., Fernandez C., Delgado A., Bergman B., Díez B (2015) The cyanobacterium Mastigocladus fulfills the nitrogen demand of a terrestrial hot spring microbial mat. ISME Journal 1–14
  2. Baltar F., J. Palovaara, F. Unrein, P. Catala, K. Horňák, K. Šimek, D. Vaqué, R. Massana, J.M. Gasol and J. Pinhassi. 2015. Marine bacterial community structure resilience to changes in protist predation under phytoplankton bloom conditions. ISME Journal. 10:568–581
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  7. Blanchet M., Pringaut O., Bouvy M., Catala P., Oriol L., Caparros J., Ortega E., Intertaglia L., West N., Agis M., Got P., Joux F.  (2015) Changes in bacterial community metabolism and composition during the degradation of dissolved organic matter from the jellyfish Aurelia aurita in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon. Environnmental Science and Pollution Research 22:13638-13653.
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  13. Díez B., M.E. Alcaman, C. Fernandez, A. Delgado, and B. Bergman (2015) The cyanobacterium Mastigocladus fulfills the nitrogen demand of a terrestrial hot spring microbial mat. ISME Journal 9: 2290–2303.
  14. d'Ovidio F., A. Della Penna, T. W. Trull, F. Nencioli, M.-I. Pujol, M.-H. Rio, Y.-H. Park, C. Cotté, M. Zhou, S. Blain (2015) The biogeochemical structuring role of horizontal stirring: Lagrangian perspectives on iron delivery downstream of the Kerguelen Plateau. Biogeosciences 12: 5567-5581
  15. Dumas C, Ludwig W, Aubert D, Eyrolle, F, Raimbault, P, Gueneugues A, and Sotin C. (2015)  Riverine transfer of anthropogenic and natural trace metals to the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean Sea). Applied Geochemistry. 58 :14-25.
  16. Farias L., Florez-LeivaL., Besoain V., Fernandez C. (2015) Dissolved greenhouse gases (nitrous oxide and methane) associated with the natural iron- fertilized Kerguelen region (KEOPS 2 cruise) in the Southern Ocean. Biogeosciences 12:1925-1940.
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Compte rendu congrès

  • Dussud C, Ghiglione JF (2014). Bacterial degradation of synthetic plastics. CIESM Monograph n°46 on Marine Litters pp. 43 - 48 [F. Briand, ed.] In Marine litter in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, 180 p., CIESM Publisher, Monaco.
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