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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Stéphane BLAIN



Pr BLAIN Stéphane


Professeur Sorbonne Université - HDR


Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne (LOMIC) - UMR 7621 CNRS-SU


Avenue Fontaulé - 66650 Banyuls sur mer, France


Tél: 33 (0)4 68 88 73 44


E-mail: stephane.blain @


Research-ID : F-6917-2010


Main Achievements

Stéphane Blain received his Ph.D. in chemical oceanography from the University of Brest in 1992. In 1993, he served as a post doc at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories during the preparation of IRONEX1. He is actually professor of chemical oceanography at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris). He is working at the Marine station of Banyuls sur Mer, where he has founded and directed the Microbial Oceanography Laboratory (2010-2013), a research unit in partnership with the UPMC and the CNRS. His research interests are the functioning of the biological pump of CO2 in the ocean with focus on iron biogeochemistry and the Southern Ocean. He is also involved in the development of new analytical tools and methods for in-situ chemical oceanography.

He has initiated the project KEOPS (KEOPS: Kerguelen Ocean and Plateau compared study) ten years ago. The main objective of KEOPS is to study the impact of natural iron fertilization of the Southern Ocean. KEOPS is international project that gathered researchers from 10 French laboratories and foreign colleagues from different nations (Australia, Belgium, Chili, The Netherlands, South Korea, USA, UK). The first phase of this project was conducted in 2004-2009 and and the second phase took place in 2011-2014). All together more than 100 publication were produced.. As principal investigator of KEOPS, He has co-organized two special sessions with colleagues of the National Oceanographic Center of Southampton (OSM, Hawaii 2006) and with colleagues of the Alfred Wegener Institute (ASLO meeting, Orlando 2013). He was involved in the SCOR WG and invited to international workshops and conferences. The strong collaboration with australien colleagues during KEOPS has led to the invitation of S. Blain as invited professor of Tasmania University in 2015 and to the participation at the HEOBI cruise (Jan-Feb 2016) at Heard Island.

During the past 20 years he has been very interested in observing systems. In 1997, he has organized an international symposium on marine analytical chemistry for the monitoring of oceanographic research. He has participated to the first development of nutrient in situ chemical analyzers and to the deployments of biogeochemical sensors on buoys. Recently, he has used fluorescence sensors mounted on elephant seals of Kerguelen to produce the first two dimensional climatology of chlorophyll in a region of the Southern Ocean. He is presently Co-PI of the project SOCLIM (Southern Ocean and Climate) dedicated to the study of the carbon cycle in the Southern, using innovative tools like BGC-Argo floats and instrumented moorings.

Besides the research activities described above S. Blain has also explored the multiple facets of the interactions between iron and microorganisms using laboratory experiments. He was the PI of the ANR BACCIO (Biomolecular approach of the iron and carbon cycle in the ocean) project where the metabolic response of heterotrophic bacteria to iron limiation was extensively studied. In collaboration with other colleagues of the laboratory he has for the first time applied genetic tools (mutants and bioreporters) to elucidate the role of ferrritine in iron homeostasis of picophytoplancton. New studies are now underway to apply the same approaches to heterotrophic bacteria.



2001 : Habilitation à diriger des recherches (french degree mandatory for supervising PhD)

1992 :PhD in marine analytical chemistry Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France

1988: DEA (now called master) Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France

1986 agrégation of chimie (french diploma of highest level for full-time teaching).

1983 CAPES of Physic and chemistry (French diploma for full-time teaching in high school).



2008 : Professor Université Pierre et Marie Curie.

2003-2007 : Professor Université de Marseille II (COM)

1996-2003 Associate professor UMR CNRS 6539 Université de Bretagne Occidentale.

1993-1996 Research assistant URA CNRS 1513, Université de Bretagne Occidentale.

1993 Post-doctoral position Moss Landing Marine Laboratory CA USA

1986-1992 Research assistant URA CNRS 322, Université de Bretagne occidentale


Recent award

Invited professor at University of Tasmania and at the Institut for antarctic studies (Hobart, Australia)


Field experience

July 1993 : R/V Point Sur , ironex0, Monterey bay, USA.

September-October 1994 : N/O Atalante, FLUPAC, Equatorail Pacifique.

October-November 1995 : N/O Marion Dufresne, ANTARES 3, Southern Ocean.

Janary-February 1999 : N/O Marion Dufresne, campagne ANTARES 4 , Southern Ocean.

October-November 2000 : N/O Polarstern , campagne ANTXIII : East Atlantic Ocean.

February 2001 : N/O Atalante : POMME1, Nord East Atlantic Ocean.

October 2001 : N/O Thalassa : POMME3 , Nord East Atlantic Ocean.

March 2002 : N/O Pelagia : IRONAGES, Nord East Atlantic Ocean.

Octobre Novembre 2004 N/O Atalante campagne BIOSOPE, Pacifique sud est.

January-February 2005: N/O Marion Dufresne KEOPS Southern Ocean

January-February 2007 N/O Marion Dufresne KEOPS Southern Ocean.

August 2008 N/O Thetis LATEX0, Mediterranean Sea.

October November 2011 Marion Dufresne KEOPS2 Southern Ocean

January-February 2015 Investigator HEOBI, Southern Ocean

October 2016 Marion Dufresne SOCLIM Southern Ocean

March 2017 Marion Dufresne SOCLIM Southern Ocean

February March 2018 (planed) Marion Dufresne MOBYDICK Southern Ocean


Chair and Membership

International :

PI of “programme international de coopération scientifique »  of CNRS with Australia 2007-2009.

PI of French Australian science technology program (FAST) 2005-2007.  

Co-convener of a special session at the Ocean Science Meeting 2006.

SCOR expert working group #109 on « biogeochemistry of iron in seawater » 1999-2000

Scientific committee (chairman) of the international symposium marine analytical chemistry for monitoring and oceanographic research  1997.

Organising committee for the international symposium on hydrodynamic processes in the Southern Ocean, Brest, France, 1995.

Organizing committee for international symposium on the Circulation and biogeochemistry of water masses in the southern ocean, Brest, France, 1990. 

Expertise for the FP7 of the European Commission (2008). 

Serve as referee for 16 professional journals and 3 governmental funding agencies 


National :

President of "Commission specialisée Ocean Atmosphère" of INSU 2014-2017

Member of “Commission Specialisée Ocean Atmosphere” of INSU 2002-2013

Member of “Commission National Flotte et Engin, evaluation” 2008-present

Member of national working group “renouvellement de la flotte” of Comité stratégique et technique de la flotte (CSTF). 2008-2014 

National working group « new instrumentation and nutrient analysis »of the CNRS,1993. 

Expertise for national Agency : CBRS, IFREMER, IRD, AERES. ANR

Expertise for private companies : AXA

Member of jury for 47 PhD defence and 6 HDR defence. 


Local :

Leader of the team : “flux de matière, domaines océaniques” of UMR CNRS 6539. 1998-1999.

Leader of the team :  “ océanographie et cycles biogéochimques” of UMR CNRS 6539 2000-2001.

Leader of the “ cycles biogéochimiques” of UMR 7621 Banyuls sur mer 2008-present.

Scientific head of the station d’observation côtière de l’institut Universitaire européen de la mer (Brest): 1997-2003.

Scientific head of the service d’observation du laboratoire Arago (Banyuls sur mer) 2008-2010 .

Director of the laboratory of microbial oceanography (UMR 7621 LOMIC) 2010-2013.


Supervision of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Supervision of 12 PhD, 6 post doc, 15 Master.


            1993-1994 Daniel, A., PhD University of Brest. co-supervisor.

            1994-1998 Floch, J., University of Brest  supervisor.

            1998-2001 Bucciarelli, E. , University of Brest supervisor

            2001-2003 Laes A., University of Brest supervisor

            2004-2007 Vong L.  University of Marseille supervisor

            2005-2008 Wagener , T., University of Paris 6 co-supervisor

            2005-2008 Jouandet M.-P., University of Marseille, co-supervisor

            2009-2012 Fourquez M. University of Paris 6 supervisor

            2010-2013 Landa M. University of Paris 6 co supervisor

            2011-2014 Botebol H. University of Paris 6 co supervisor

            2012-2016 Rembauville M.  University of Paris 6 co supervisor

            2016-2018 Koedooder C. University of Paris supervisor

Post doctoral fellows

            2003 Sarthou, G., University of Brest France (project IRONAGES FP5)

            2007-2008 Xing, X., (project IPOS-SEAL ANR)

            2009 Devez A. (project BACCIO ANR)

            2009 Toulza E. (project BACCIO ANR)

            2010-2012 Beier, S. (projects BACCIO and KEOPS2)

            2016 Rembauville (project SOCLIM)


Teaching activities

At the University of Brest, I have taught general chemistry, Thermodynamics and quantum chemistry, aquatic chemistry, analytical chemistry.

At the University of Marseille, I have taught analytical chemistry, chemical oceanography, chemical sensors for oceanography, carbon cycle in the ocean, geochemical tracers.

At the University of Paris 6, I teach marine observing systems, marine chemistry, biogeochemistry and microbes in the ocean, the practice of Ocean Data View.

At the 3 universities, I have organized practical courses based on short cruises on research vessels for collecting water samples in coastal environments. The samples were then analyzed during practical courses. Finally the results were discussed and presented by the students.


Broad audience dissiminetation.

I have contributed to disseminate my findings in the media with 15 articles and interviews in scientific magazines, 10 interviews in national newspapers, participations to 9 radio and to 2 television emissions,  participation to the movie “ CO2 public enemy N°1” by Nicolas Koutiskas in 2009.

The most recent achievement in this field is the web TV series SOCLIM


Peer Review pubilcations


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Rembauville, M., Salter, I., Dehairs, F. , Miquel, J.-C. and Blain, S.:(2017) Annual particulate matter and diatom export in a high nutrient, low chlorophyll area of the Southern Ocean. Polar Biology. doi:10.1007/s00300-017-2167-3


Botebol, H., Lelandais, G., Six, C., Lesuisse, E., Meng, A., Bittner, L., Blain S., Bouget, F.-Y. (2017). Acclimation of a low iron adapted Ostreococcus strain to iron limitation through cell biomass lowering. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 327.


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Invited presentation to international conferences and workshops

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Blain S. What to consider when planning an integrated field work – modelling experiment? GEOTRACES/SCOR/SCAR Workshop, 2014 Capetown South Africa



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