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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621




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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne (LOMIC) - UMR 7621 CNRS-SU

Avenue Fontaulé - 66650 Banyuls sur mer, France

Tél: 33 (0)4 30 19 24 31



Research ID : F-6938-2010

Research Topic: Biogeochemical processes of the marine Nitrogen cycle.


Other interests:


GAYANA: International Journal of Biodiversity, Oceanology and conservation.

Associated Editor

Vie et Milieu: An International Journal of General Ecology. 




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Chapitre de livre

Fernandez, C., (2010) Regeneration of nitrogen in the surface layer of the ocean: New challenges for the nitrogen cycle. In: Atlantic and Indian Oceans: New Oceanographic Res. Editors: Edward S. Askew and James P. Bromley. Pp 201-211.


Projets actifs

FONDECYT#1171324 (CONICYT, Chili; co-PI. 2017-2020) Nitrite loop in aquatic ecosystems, an example of environmental microbiome cooperation on nitrogen cycle

FONDECYT#1150891 (CONICYT, Chili; PI. 2015-2018).Marine ammonification linking quality to quantity in nitrogen regeneration.

BASAL-COPAS SURAUSTRAL (CONICYT, Chili; 2013-2018). Associated researcher. Programa Suraustral – Ciencia y Desarrollo para el sur de Chile.

FONDAP-INCAR (CONICYT, Chili; 2013-2018). Associated researcher. Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research.

FONDAP-IDEAL (CONICYT, Chili; 2015-2019). Associated researcher. Centro de Investigación: Dinámica de Ecosistemas Marinos de Altas Latitudes – IDEAL



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