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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Marion Fourquez

 The goal of my thesis is to investigate the implication of heterotrophic bacteria in iron and carbon cycles in the ocean.

 My first objective is to develop a sensitive method to determine which bacterial groups are involved in the uptake of iron using micro-FISH technique (microautoradiography associated with fluorescence in situ hybridization).

 I'm also focusing on their responses to iron limitation: impact on bacterial growth, carbon and iron cell content, cellular processes such as respiration. To this extent, various experiments are currently conducted to estimate the uptake of iron by coastal and pelagic strains in iron limitation. In such approaches, one of the major challenges is to work in trace metal clean conditions.


 This project is supported by the ANR BACCIO (Biomolecular Approaches of the Cycling of Carbon and Iron in the Ocean) at the LOMIC, under the supervision of Pr. Stéphane Blain.



phone: (+33) 04 68 88 73 54

Ingrid Obernosterer - 27/01/20

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