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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Séminaire Alessandro Tagliabue

Le Dr. Alessandro TAGLIABUE est accueilli au LOMIC par Stéphane BLAIN du 30 juin au 3 juillet 2015.


Il donnera à cette occasion une conférence le mercredi 1er juillet à 11h (Amphithéâtre A. Guille)

Role of Hydrothermal Vents in the Global Ocean Iron Cycle


Hydrothermal vents were only discovered in the late 1970s thanks to advances in undersea technology. Around the same time, new sampling techniques demonstrated that the levels of the micronutrient iron in the ocean were much lower than previously thought. From this the now well established role of iron in shaping the distribution and magnitude of biological activity emerged. After their discovery, hydrothermal systems were quickly acknowledged as having extremely high Fe concentrations but, equally, their influence on the oceanic iron inventory was quickly dismissed as negligible. In recent years a combination of observations and modelling studies have led to this paradigm being reversed and hydrothermal activity is being recognised as an important component of the ocean iron cycle. I will review how our understanding of the iron cycle has matured and present new results on how biological activity responds to hydrothermal activity.


Alessandro Tagliabue is a lecturer at the University of Liverpool (UK). Before then he did his PhD on the controls on the cycle of carbon in the Ross Sea (Antarctica) at Stanford University (USA), before a postdoctoral position at the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climate et l'Environment in France and a researcher position at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Alessandro conducts research on the processes that regulate the cycling of nutrients and phytoplankton productivity in the ocean, paying particular attention to the associated knock-on effects on the carbon cycle and thus the exchange of CO2 with the atmosphere. He uses complex numerical models of ocean biogeochemistry, syntheses of existing datasets and participates in research cruises to achieve his research goals. An important part of his work is his strong liaison with observational oceanographers. He is currently associate editor of the AGU journal 'Global Biogeochemical Cycles', co-chair of the Data Management Committee of the GEOTRACES programme and a member of the Editorial board of the Nature journal 'Scientific Data'.



Fabien Joux - 02/03/16

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