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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Séminaire de Stefan Bertilsson

Pr. Stefan Bertilsson (Limnology Department Evolutionary Biology Centre, University Uppsala, Sweden)

March 10th at 14:00 (Amphitheatre, bâtB)

"Exposing the freshwater microbiome at the level of genes, genomes and metagenomes"

Abstract: Freshwater lakes and marine ecosystems behave similarly in many ways, yet their resident microbial communities are fundamentally different. The full extent of the microbiome divergence was fully realized with the application of large scale sstudies relying on phylogenetic biomarkers such as the SSU rRNA gene and in my talk I will build on this and present data based on amplicon surveys, single cell genome sequencing and metagenome sequencing to further uncover differences in composition and metabolic function of the resident microbiota in lakes and oceans. Special emphasis will be on the more abundant community members featuring streamlined genomes in the respective biome.


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