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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Start of LIA MAST

The international associated laboratory Multiscale Adaptive STrategies Laboratory (LIA MAST) provides a comprehensive analysis of the diverse adaptive strategies found in nature at distinct levels of biological organization including molecules, genes, cells, organisms and ecosystems. As this effort will integrate biological sciences, earth sciences and ecological sciences at 6 institutions in France and Chile, LIA MAST has support by CNRS (INSU, INEE and INSB) and Sorbonne Université. In Chile, our partnerships include Universidad de Concepcion, Universidad Austral, Universidad de Playa Ancha and the CIEP center in southern Patagonia. 

Some of the major scientific questions that MAST will address in the next 5 years relate to the pressure to evolve during the anthropocene and the metabolic cost of adaptive transitions experienced by marine organisms, putting a special emphasis on the subantarctic and Antarctic regions. We also propose to unveil how environmental change translates into functional adaptation and to examine if the environmental changes and the process of adaptation are occurring at the same spatial and temporal scale.

Several LOMIC members participate to the LIA MAST.


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