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Laboratoire d'Océanographie Microbienne
UMR 7621

Interlab meeting 2015 ICM-LOMIC

La 3ème rencontre Interlab MICROBES: Ecology and Biogeochemistry entre le LOMIC et l'Institut de Ciences del Mar (ICM) a eu lieu les 4 et 5 juin 2015 à Barcelona.

Organisateurs : Ingrid Obernosterer (LOMIC) & Josep Gasol (ICM)


Thursday June 4th

15:00 Continental erosion and the rise of diatoms - Pedro Cermeño (ICM)

15:15 Cocktail of organic matter and priming effect - Fabien Joux (LOMIC)

15:30 Are bathy- and mesopelagic microbes waiting for a priming effect? - Cèlia Marrasé (ICM)

15:45 Importance of plankton types for carbon and biominerals export in naturally fertilized areas of the S. Ocean - Mathieu Rembauville (LOMIC)

16:00 Diversity Patterns of bacteria inhabiting particulate matter - Mireia Mestre (ICM)

16:15 A microalgal factory for the production of high added value compounds in Ostreococcus tauri - Amandine Bijoux (LOMIC)

Coffee break

17:00 Day/night regulation of iron homeostasis in marine phytoplankton - François-Yves Bouget (LOMIC)

17:15 Genomics and dynamics of uncultured marine Stramenopiles - Jeff Mangot (ICM)

17:30 Effect of light and temperature on eukaryotic phytoplankton bloom iniation in Banyuls bay - Stéphane Lambert (LOMIC)

17:45 Microbial planktonic communities response to Saharan dust and anthropogenic aerosols - Isabel Marín (ICM)

18:00 Transcriptional response of prokaryotic communities to natural iron fertilization of the S. Ocean -Nisrine Chelka (LOMIC)

18:15 Gene expression in proteorhodopsin-containing Flavobacteria - Jose M González (ULL)

Friday June 5th

9:30 Iron ecotypes in Ostreococcus species - Hugo Botebol (LOMIC)

9:45 The "rst TARA OCEANS bloom - Silvia G. Acinas (ICM)

10:15 Microbial communities associated with colonisation and degradation of marine plastic debris - Claire Dussud (LOMIC)

10:30 A global ocean metagenomic survey reveals events of vertical connectivity in oceanic microbial communities - Guillem Salazar (ICM)

Coffee break

11:15 Global distribution and intraspeci"c variability of marine Pelagophytes - Ana Mari Cabello (ICM)

11:30 Understanding the joint effect of pesticides under different environmental conditions on picophytoplankton - Fanny Vazzoler (LOMIC)

11:45 The PEGASO 2015 cruise: Plankton-derived Emission of trace Gases and Aerosols in the Southern Ocean - Rafel Simó (ICM)

Public seminar

12:15 - Stéphane Blain & Ingrid Obernosterer (LOMIC). Response of the Southern Ocean to large scale natural iron fertilization (Kerguelen Region)


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